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Odyssey Back Office & Point of Sale

Odyssey Back Office helps you to manage your business. We specialize in stock control to the finest detail. Odyssey also gives you the ability to manage accounts, Customers (Debtors) and Suppliers (Creditors), open item and balans brought forward. Account terms can also bet set to weekly or monthly accounts. Odyssey has an auto email function that will send your statements on month-end. Odyssey Back Office have powerfull reporting on all sales and products with 3D garphs. The system gives you the ability to add multiple prices per item that can be linked directly to a customer which will be used in the POS system. Further the system has a discount matrix (calculated discount percentage/cost plus percentage) and contract pricing to use a negotiated price for a certain period or quantity per item. New value added feature to the customer module is automated invoicing. This helps to automatically create invoices to multiple customers at once.

Odyssey Point of Sale has different screen layouts, namely Retail Touch - Scanning, Hospitality Touch Screen, Invoicing and Mobile POS, to fit all industries and pereferences.

• Retail Touch - Scanning - User friendly Touch/Keyboard interface to suite any retail industry such as supermarkets, liquor stores, clothing store(full color size matrix) etc. Retail POS has a full sales order funtion to allow the cashier to create an imidiate order for a customer on an item and notify office staff on items that needs to be ordered. Specials can also be setup according to all needs, running specified dates and times, from multibuy, mix and match and coupon specials. This interface also have a full quotation facility.

• Hospitality Touch Screen - Best solution for all restaurants, fastfood take aways and pub's. With a live database and full recipe functions this will make stock control a breeze. This includes a full delivery system that will help controling all delivery staff with stock and cash they handle. Unlimited amount of printers or Bump Screens can be added to a stock item to control orders to the kitchen or bar area.

• Invoicing - Easy to use invoicing system for big retailers in the hardware industry. With a full quotation system, alternative items and serial number items this helps sales personel to easily help customers on prices/items needed. This also allows you to have a remote pay point so that the sales person can save the sale and show the customer to the cashiers for payment.

• Mobile Tablet POS - The new first of its kind in South Africa offline tablet point of sale. Perfect for multiple small store owners. With a full Online Back Office this will help you to easily manage you stores remotely. The tablet opperates offline and only needs an internet connection to syncronize the data once a day. Normal specials can also be setup on the Tablet POS. It supports normal customer sales and the back office have a full supplier module. All reporting is online and can be accessed from any machine with an internet connection.

Odyssey Back Office

Odyssey Version 8 Back Office screen with custom icons.

Odyssey Point of Sale

Odyssey Version 8 Retail Point of Sale screen.

Odyssey Mobile Point of Sale

Odyssey Offline Mobile Point of Sale with Cloud Based Back Office.